"I like the pay-as-you-go system.  No outrageous membership fees, no pre-payments for meetings I don't attend.  I pay at the door only for the meetings I attend, with no reservaton required!"

"After more than three years of involvement in the Open Network Groups, I can tell you unequivocally that it is my number one business resource."

"The Open Network has it all:  we have great networking meetings which are positive, fun and informative, we have frequent socials to build key relationships with others in the group, we have a stable and reliable time and place, and what other group will book you into speaking engagements for free, if you want?"

"I like the fact that it's not the same 40 people week after week. Yes there are regulars but they also welcome people who come when they can."

"I've been going to networking groups for years and the Open Network is by far the best one, both professionally and personally."

"There's no pressure to join or phoniness, people are genuinely supportive of my business."

"These people are more than my best business allies -- they are my best friends."

Business to Business Networking.     Relationship Marketing is Perfected Here.




             OPEN NETWORK MANASOTA!                        

 Meeting Cost:  $15. (cash or check only)
Lunch is free.

We have merged with Open Network Venice...


No contracts, no points, no dues, no non-competes, no required referrals, no required attendance, no prepayment --  NO HASSLES! Just show up!

Meet with us this week!

"If we did any less for you, we'd have to charge you more!"

 Active participants receive a free website listing, and an opportunity to be listed in the Manatee County Speakers' Bureau, The OPEN NETWORK MANASOTA'S exclusive community resource.

For a free website listing, active participants can follow this link to register  online now.

The Open Network is an opportunity for local  businesspeople to establish working relationships, promote their businesses and support each other in a casual environment.


Member: Gulf Coast Latin Chamber of Commerce

















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